In our Tattoo Gallery for Majestic Macken, we break down all of Mackenyu’s known tattoos. He may have more that is unknown to us but these are the ones that have been displayed through Career Events or Photoshoots.

An ArrowRoman NumeralsAngel Wings
Right Forearm (Backside)Left Wrist (Side)Left Elbow (Inner)
Roman Numerals (?)
Left Upper Arm
  • The Arrow is possibly a matching tattoo with EXO member, Chanyeol. He has the same placement / tattoo.
  • The Roman Numerals on his wrist could be 9 (IX) or 11 (XI).
  • The tattoo on his left upper arm is rarely seen, it could possibly be a set of roman numerals. What can be seen appears to be 4 (IV) and 5 (V).
    — Screenshot of it taken from waltzdevera on Instagram.
    Woflax1 on Twitter found the video.